Computer Repair



We offer low cost PC and Mac repair, starting at $25 for computers brought in our facility, $40 for in home repairs.  Computer replacement parts and software is not included.
All proceeds of the repairs go to fund our ministry project.


To schedule a time for PC repair, call 615-266-6252, or email


Services we offer 


New Computer Set-Up

  • We will remove the annoying trialware installed on new computers,AND ensure all hardware functions properly
  • Install anti-virus and other security software.
  • customize your computer to your standards.
  • Set up your wireless network
  • set up your printers


  • Software: Install,configure,software packages, including operating systems. (Software is purchased separately)
  • RAM Memory: Install and configure the right memory for your computer
  • Hard Drives
  • Network and Wireless adapter cards.


  • PC Tune up: Clean up unwanted programs, remove viruses and malware,and defragment the hard drive.
  • Backup important files and create a restore disk.
  • Replace computer hardware including motherboards.
  • Data transfer from your old computer to your new one.
  • Data recovery from failure or erased hard drives.
  • Repair cracked laptop screens.